Do you ever just sit back and remember the Baller Names fro Mario Hoops

You should draw a puma wearing puma shoes.
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Here’s Sceptile, my entry for the #Twitterdex collab, which, uh, I’m running myself. I’ve been looking for artists of all skill levels to help us draw all 723 Pokemon—that’s including the 2 we’re not supposed to know about and 2 that aren’t actual Pokemon—and after 8 days we’ve hit a whopping 584 entries and 204 finished pieces!

Interested? Check out this Google Doc for rules, details and a list of the remaining Pokemon. Please contact me over email or Twitter, though, not Tumblr!! You can find my contact information in the doc.

Given the huge nature of the project, I’ve put in a May 1st deadline. Good luck, and have fun if you join!



Starman Junior dudes are seriously the coolest thing in Earthbound.




also?? wart jr moved out of my town a while ago AND HE MOVED TO MARG’S TOWN?? I’m so sorry holy shit I’m sorry you got that thing in your town

its k man

ill make him leave soon…

que tiene wart jr que no lo quieren?

si tuviera pueblo me lo podrian mandar a mi I wouldn’t mind (?)



secret santa for sienanigans!

I drew you a bayleef, I hope you like it!! uvu